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Truth Unearthed is Book One of the saga, A False Dawn, part of The Tales of Lugon

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Almost three thousand years ago, Bälech, The One, united all the Men of Lugon under his benevolent and powerful rule, and thus The Dawn, his global empire, was founded. Arun and Baran are best friends and Academy roommates from the opposite ends of The Dawn’s social spectrum. Born a Yeoman, Arun is set to graduate and become a Keeper of the Chronicle. Baran, his roommate and a favored son of the Court, picked the chronicling specialization to breeze into the military, hoping to join the Wardens – the elite fighting force and personal guard for the Sons of Bälech for 2700 years. To graduate, they must complete a task showing mastery of their subject, and Arun chose to search for artifacts in The Dawn’s birthplace, The Ruins of Lacris. But some know of forgotten secrets that they wish to remain forever buried in obscurity. Much to their surprise, an old Warden is assigned to be their guide and protector. The two friends soon find themselves in the crossfire of a war they knew little about, with both sides having designs on their fate. In discovering a new world, these two friends must fight to keep, or perhaps discover, their own destiny when all others seek to manipulate them for their own ends, whether well-intentioned or not.

Athaz, with the blessing of his wife Lilleth, joined the military to escape the poverty of the Yeomanry. Originally a foot soldier meant to die on the front lines, his prowess kept him alive and earned the respect even of the officers. Athaz had a moment of wavering faith to his empire as a young man, only to unexpectedly be promoted to becoming a Warden. Though his body is no longer capable of showing age, his heart grew weary of the evils demanded of him long ago – orders he dared not disobey lest his family be destroyed. Yet he still finds himself out of favor with the Son of Bälech, the Emperor’s protection removed, and sent on a menial task of guarding two young men as they journey for a Graduate Task.

Vera, the granddaughter of the Elven seer Lady Lyr, inherited her grandmother’s natural prowess to wade into the visions and memories of the Sea. After being nearly hunted to extinction 2700 years ago, her people still live in hiding under the ruins of the Dwarven Kingdom of Kelbragh, in their secret stronghold of Menigar. A chance meeting with a young Yeoman boy along with an accompanying vision from the Sea, the young Elf-maiden decides to act in order to free, not only her people, but all Elves, Dwarves, and Men (collectively known as the Savanir) who resist The Dawn since Bälech overthrew them almost three millennia ago.

These people – separated by nation, race, generation, and class – will find themselves in a position to change Lugon for the first time since Bälech established his rule. But who will survive and succeed, and whether the change will be for good, ill, or naught, who can say?  But when Truth forgotten is rediscovered, Reality is altered for all.

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