Too Far Gone

“Too Far Gone”

I was chilled by my comfort
On the day you turned away.
You were all I ever wanted,
But I never fell under your sway.

Like an animal trapped in a cave,
I’ve been in the dark for far too long;
My eyes can never overcome the sting of light.
Ironically I see, and sigh, “I’m too far gone.”

No old attachment to break
No old wound to heal
You cannot mend that which is not torn
My heart is fine, but it no longer cares to feel.

Love seems such a fruitless labor;
Solitude, with its bitter flavor
Is simply an acquired taste;
It’s efficient while affection feels like such a waste.

Somewhere hidden in my heart
I know these are the words of a fool.
But my mind has always been the stronger;
And in Darkness, Madness will always rule.