The Wingless Soul

“The Wingless Soul”

I’ve seen what leads men away from the light
What causes some to accept a miserable fate,
And it’s not some horrible past nor a temptation that proved too great,
It’s seeing the Hope they cherished outrun them at last,
Too tired to chase a bright future, they are caught by the Night
Holding on to lengthening shadows, the light continually slips from their grasp.
And when the shadows converge into a single Dark dream,
Men will stop at nothing to stifle their soul’s mournful scream.

Yet in the dead of my dark Night,
Call Dreams of Joy, Memories of Light,
But before the images can retake form
They are blown out once more by my soul’s dark storm.

Come soon, or it will be too late!
My soul is falling towards Hell’s fiery gate.
Come to me while I still remember;
Hope’s flame is down to its final ember!