The River of Sorrow’s Valley

I can’t deny the pain I find
That threatens to leave me undone
And I know your intentions are kind
When you try to pull me from Sorrow’s Valley
And into the sun.


But though the mountains are closest to the Light,
And I miss the wind that breathes new life,
I know this is where I’m supposed to be tonight…
For it’s in the Valley, this River flows
Of Living Water that starts with the Man of Sorrows.


Though I am wounded, too weak to walk
I find my Savior washing wounds as his current carries me.
And in mutual suffering, I hear the Savior talk
Of the pains we endure,
But also the Hope that for now he alone can see.


So let me tarry a little longer
Let me drink this cup that makes my heart grow stronger
And fear not the tears I cry
Or the wounds that threaten to bleed me dry.
For my heart is held by the Father’s hand
And so long as his Son’s beats, so too does mine.


And do not stay in this Valley for my sake
When you have the strength your journey to take.
And when you reach the mountain’s peak,
Don’t look back down the Valley path if for me you seek;
You’ll find me riding the wind on eagles’ wings
Joyfully shouting the songs of Hope the Valley’s River sings.