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Lugon is the world I can explore, through my writing, the complexity of the human spirit without being limited in circumstances to the world as it currently is. For more on that topic, you can read my blog post “In Fantasy, Reality”. In short, I believe Fantasy allows us to explore the condition of the human spirit more honestly. By taking the universal human experience and putting it within a fantastic reality, we strip ourselves from needing to tip-toe around any group’s (including our own) sensitivities that naturally arise when someone attempts to engage in sincere, but difficult, dialog. By doing this, we experience through our characters (both as writers and readers) the opportunity to both see from the perspective of others their convictions and also reexamine our own without coming across as preachy or patronizing.

In structure, The Tales of Lugon are comprised of sagas where I zoom in on periods of that world’s history. Though there may be occasionally directly linked stories, most novels in a saga are only connected by time, space, and consequence. Ergo, the main characters from one story may only be named and unknown by the characters of other stories, even in the same saga.

The first saga, A False Dawn, focuses on both the adventures and political intrigue following a war with Bälech’s empire “The Dawn”. The opening novel details the adventures of Arun, Baran, and their companions whose actions put Lugon in upheaval after thousands of years of stability. Most epic fantasy stories end with the triumph or defeat of the main characters in an epic, paradigm shifting struggle. The False Dawn saga begins here.

The next saga will actually take place thousands of years earlier, but we’ll get more into that at the proper time.

In the meantime, the manuscript for Truth Unearthed has been completed and fully edited! It will be available for early release on all major eReaders on December 15th! Paperbacks and Hardbacks coming in early 2019. I hope it brings some of the joy I experienced writing it to those who take the time to read it. The second novel is now in the works. Sign up for the newsletter for more updates!!

-Eric Sparks II

The Tales of Lugon

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