Sonnet Four (Divine Wind)

Sonnet 4:
Divine Wind

I went through a phase where I was obsessed with sonnets (and archaic language). This piece, written in the spring of 2009, would be the last one I wrote until Madly Merry in 2015. I have often considered revising it – I love the content (it pretty much sums up my spiritual walk during my college years), but there is a lot of immature writing technique in it. But maybe it’s good to keep in its original form so that I can see growth. Sadly, this is one of the better ones from my sonnet obsession; most were so bad I am too embarrassed to share them..

Where, O God, are you leading me,
And where, O God, am I going?
I know not my destination planned by Thee
Is there a sign missing or did I miss the showing?
Even should you decide to keep my port of mystery
Can I know if on this current course I should be speeding or slowing?
Where, O Lord, is my compass; where, O Lord, my North Star?
Will the direction I am sailing take me near or far
Of that plan which you have for me set?
I cannot see a fixed point of reference as of yet
To guide me to the coast and avoid its bar,
That I may come safely to the harbor you have freely let.
But though by dark storms I am blinded and tossed,
I trust the Divine Wind to guide my sails; I shall not be lost!