Other Worthy Wanderers

If you have similar literary interest as I do, you should check out the links below (and in the menu). They may be enjoyable/helpful to you on your travels!

Corey Olsen, aka “The Tolkien Professor” is a college professor from the University of Washington who has made it his mission to help Academia understand the importance of Fantasy and Sci-Fi in the world of literature by engaging its stories in serious, scholarly works, such as Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit (available at bookstores nationwide and Amazon). He also has several podcasts, many of which are actually his class lectures recorded and available for free.

Signum University – This non-profit university is in the process of becoming accredited. Founded by Corey Olsen and like-minded colleagues, this school offers Fantasy and Scri-Fi graduate degrees in addition to the more traditional degree programs.