Madly Merry

“Madly Merry”

A Dark Sonnet

The Shadow is protecting me;
You cannot hurt what you cannot see.
What’s that? You say that from which I fleeing
Is the blood from my veins that’s already seeping?
Perhaps, but your mirrors do not work in my Shadow.
I go now where not even you dare to follow.
Are you still here? Why do you still call?
Let me enjoy the fleeting feeling of my fall.
Suddenly bliss envelopes me; I forget you are near.
But though I can’t see you, I hear the echo of your falling tears.
Why are you crying? You say I’ve gone mad
But why should madness be feared?
You fear what you do not know, but it’s really not so bad
Madness is simply merrymaking by those that are always Sad.